I love how prominently you can see his makeup :3
Walk, walk, fashion baby, work it, move that bitch crazy
Tim is so done with the bullshit
That’s no way to behave on your first day out
Getting a touch up and being a brat

Myself as Magenta with the RKO Army

As asked for by anon

Photos taken by many and I’m unsure of which, so all deserve credit (C. Gordon, Diz Foster, Casey Amos, Adrianna Gagne, Tori Sviokla, Erika Attaya)

Can you do a gifset of you ask Magenta? Anonymous

Erm, I guess so (if this is asking me to make a gifset as myself dressed as Magenta on stage).

I’ll search for some photos


A Project In Remembrance of Jess


James (Jess’ brother), Liam (Jess’ brother-in-law), and myself (Alex) have been contemplating on little projects to remember Jess. One idea we have settled on is short letters to Jess that we’re going to put in a jar. We’re unsure of where the jar will end up (buried by a tree, kept on the shelf, or in her bedroom). 

For those that may not know Jess’ story, she was diagnosed with breast cancer in July of 2013 and lost her battle on March 13, 2014. As promised by us, we would continue to run her blog and post little notes that she left to us. We want to do the same for her

What we’re asking of you is to write a short message to Jess in the afterlife. You can send your words here.

Be well everyone,


I know this is a main Rocky blog, but this means a lot to me. The girl was a large part of my world, and her words spoken while she was alive brought smiles to those we needed them. If we can do this for her in a manner of remembrance, it would mean everything.


Dance, dance

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